Let’s Meet the Cast:

An introduction to my WIPs.

First up, we’ve got my hodgepodge Rocky Coast Blanket – An assortment of bulky acrylics being knit on the bias on US 11 circular needles.

Current status: Approaching “Yarn Chicken” Stage

Next, a blanket knit as a giant mitered square. The colors on this one make me think of salt-water taffy. This is made with Premier’s Cotton Fair yarn. Premier’s Cotton Fair yarn is Fine (2) weight. For some reason, I decided this is exactly the weight that I needed to start a massive blanket project with using US 7 needles.

Consequently, it’s taking just about forever. Long enough, that one of the colorways is now discontinued, and I’m only 2/3 of the way done.

Current status: Hunting down just one more skein on the interwebs.

Then there is my basket full of granny squares. This is/was my first attempt at crochet and was started in an attempt to use up yarn left over from a baby blanket – one for which I bought almost twice as much yarn as needed.

Y’all, I may have a problem with accurately judging the amount of yarn needed…

Anyway, this was the original blanket:

I was at this kid’s second birthday yesterday

Current status: Seriously re-evaluating my approach.

A couple of Christmases ago, I bought a bunch of green yarn with the intention of knitting ornaments to send out in all of my Christmas cards.

Except that I started this right around Thanksgiving an quickly ran out of time, abandoning the hand-made ornaments in favor of getting the cards out in time.

So now, I’m determined to use this yarn for it’s intended purpose. Especially since these things knit up in about 10 minutes, which is really gratifying.

Current status: Jingle-bell rocking along.

Finally, we come to the cardigan.

This is the “Like a Cloud” cardigan from Joji Locatelli and I am so excited to actually finish it this year. Body is done, sleeves, well, I knit one, but then I decided that I wanted to size them down for a slimmer fit.

Anyway, the pattern is simple and lovely, and the yarn is just gorgeous.

Current status: Wondering if I can wait until the sleeves are done this fall, or if I should bring back the sweater vest.

You know, now I have them listed, it doesn’t seem that bad. I feel like six active projects is fairly low for most of the yarn world – so now I feel less bad about the project I want to cast on this week…

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  1. You are quite a busy gal. Everything looks great! I love the ornaments; what a fabulous way to use up buttons and I have a TON! If I start them now, I can have one for each of my colleagues. Have a great day!! Regina


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