There’s more…

Y’all. I’ve already added yarn.

Ok, so it’s not new yarn. It’s the yarn that I already had set aside to finish this blanket:

I’ve been calling this my “Rocky Coast Blanket” because the colors remind me of a couple of weeks I spent on the Maine coast years ago. It’s super squishy and cozy and “Rocky Coast Blanket” sounds a lot better than “My desperate attempt at using up a whole bunch of random yarns.”


All of that leads to this: I have balls and balls of mix-matched yarn that I hadn’t counted in my yarn inventory because, honestly, I didn’t want to unwind all of this and try to figure out how much is there. And I’m not about to upload “Random Hodgepodge” into my Ravelry stash.

But, since I picked this blanket as one of my #makenine projects, and I don’t want to put in all the work of finishing it without being able to track my #stashdown2020 progress, I broke down and estimated the yardage I have waiting to be used.

Turns out I only needed to measure the yardage of one ball (82 yards), divide that by the weight (100g), and then multiply the yards per gram (0.82y/g) and the total weight of the pending yarn (890g) to get an estimate of 729 yards to add to my inventory total.

Math, who knew?

The Rocky Coast Blanket has been hanging out in it’s bushel basket for a good 18+ months now. (No, my projects are not all so aesthetically stored.) I set it aside to work on a baby blanket and now, five baby blankets later, it’s time to pick it back up.

I tend to think of this more as a “hodgepodge” project rather than a “scrappy” project because only one of the yarns is truly scrap from a completed item.

The yarns, of which there are many, are mostly from abandoned or reclaimed projects (so. much. frogging.). One or two skeins were given to me (yay free yarn!). I think I actually bought one skein specifically for this blanket (I needed a little more fluffy), but it really started as a means to clear a whole bunch of yarns from my stash that I knew would never make it into other projects.

(Eventually, we’re going to have to discuss my love/hate relationship with bouclé yarn.)

I started with an assortment and pieced them together to make my own mixed textured/colored skeins. And, y’all, while none of these yarns would individually make my favorite things list, I am in love with how they are coming together as a textile.

Ugh, so good, right?

One of these days, when it’s finished, I’ll walk you through some of the yarns and how it all came together. For now, I’ll just leave you with the basics: I’m knitting on the bias, with a basic kfb increase at the beginning of each row, garter stitch, US size 11 circular needles. I haven’t measured it lately, but I’m aiming for throw size and I’m about 40% of the way there.

With the added yardage, here’s my new #stashdown2020 total:

Yardage: 34439 35168

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  1. Your project looks so soft and cozy. So…knitting down the stash is a thing apparently. I am reading a lot of knitter’s posts about this. I love tracking stuff. Best of luck to you!


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