I take no responsibility for the amount of yarn currently in my possession.

Between the ridiculous sales at JoAnn’s, the treasure trove that is my LYS (local yarn shop for my non-knitter friends), and the absolute fan-girling induced by every craft festival…I can’t be held accountable for my accumulation of all things beautiful.

I mean some of of these just aren’t fair:

Check out the color, the gradient, the absolute squish factor…sigh.

I am well familiar with that internal twinge every time I purchase a new skein that maybe, just maybe, the responsible thing to do is not purchase new yarn unless I have a specific project planned for it.

And then this happens:

This last year, however, as I finally managed to KonMari all the things, I was faced with turning this –

Into this –

And I realized that,despite every good intention, my rate of acquisition greatly exceeds my rate of production and distribution.

So, when I came across the #stashdown2020 challenge on Instagram, I thought this was the perfect kick in the pants inspiration to set some intentions around my relationship with yarn.

I’m using Amanda Scott’s (@browngyrlknits) guideline as my starting point.

I have made one adjustment for myself to point #4 – since I really need to reign in the yarn spending overall. I’m committing to only buying new yarn if it is specifically needed to complete a project.

Coming late to the game, I started inventorying my yarn on Jan 1 and, because I’m me, I thought it only made sense to go full tilt measuring, photographing and getting all of my yarn uploaded into my Ravelry stash.

It turns out, the best natural light in my apartment is by my bed.

Being the nerd that I am, I’m pretty stoked about being able to track all of my yarn digitally in Ravelry. I particularly am excited by the fact that Ravelry syncs patterns with your stash to give you ideas on whether or not you have enough yarn, or which would be best to use.

I’ll be chronicling my yarn-busting adventures here with y’all. Welcome to my adventure!

Here are our starting numbers:

  • Individual yarns: 81
    • Wool/Animal Fiber yarns: 22
    • Cotton Yarns: 24
    • Acrylic (& Blends) Yarns: 35
  • Total Yardage: 34439
  • Total Skeins: 124

I didn’t add up all my tiny scrappy bits. I’m crazy, but I’m not that crazy, y’know?

4 thoughts on “#stashdown2020

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  1. I have all of my yarn in Ravelry already. I am trying to go through and match yarn in my stash to patterns in my library then add them to my queue. I have knocked out quite a few projects so far. It feels good.


    1. I find a lot of my stash is a skein here and a skein there and not quite enough of any one thing for some of the projects I really want to do. ‘Bout to do some major mixing and matching. 🤪

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